Due to a recent software update by Samsung, parents who use either a Samsung mobile phone or tablet computer, may have encountered  problems when viewing uploaded photos and/or videos they have made to their children’s freeflowinfo account. Typically, when uploaded, videos and photos appear on the pupil’s homepage as a black  rectangle.

This problem has been caused  by an  enhancement to Samsung’s software that compresses images so that they take up less space in your device’s storage. The following ‘fix’ is very simple and resolves  the problem.

  1. Turn your Samsung mobile phone on.
  2. Select the camera app icon
  3. Select the ‘system’ icon (looks like a cog wheel, and often found at the top or bottom of  the screen)
  4. You should now see  Camera Settings the menu
  5. (You will notice that at the side of each of the options shown is an oval shape with a circle in it. Each shape will either have no colour or a colour. The  colour  shows the option is activated.)
  6. Under ‘Pictures’ find HEIF pictures (Photo)
  7. Tap the button next to this and it should  remove the colour to show that it has just been
  8. de-activated.
  9. Under  ‘Videos’ find High efficiency video
  10. Tap the button next to this and it should remove the colour to show that it has just been
  11. de-activated.
  12. Close the camera app

The change you have just made can be  changed  back to the activated settings by doing the  same process at any time. The de-activated setting however should not take up too much space on your phone’s memory. Remember, once you have uploaded a photo or video to your child’s freeflowinfo account, it can be deleted from your  device and seen at any time you wish on the freeflowinfo account but with  the addition of the positive comments that may have  been  made. All of your comments, photos and videos will remain untouched for you to view until your child is 19 years old or moves to a school that does not use freeflowinfo. You can view the content at no cost during this time. If your child’s new school does not use freeflowinfo, or when they reach the age of 19, the entire contents of your child’s account will be made available to you for free and deleted from the freeflowinfo servers.


Using an Apple Device

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad and launch "Settings" app on your device and tap "Camera" option.

Step 2. Under Camera page, please tap "Formats" option to set up photo formats when taking pictures and transferring to computer.

Step 3. To disable HEIC image format, simply tap to switch on "Most Compatible" from "High Efficiency" option under CAMERA CAPTURE section. Thus your iPhone or iPad camera will use JPEG/H.264 when you taking photos. Besides, the "Most Compatible" setting is available only on device that can capture media in HEIF or HEVC format.

To enable HEIC image format, simply turn on "High Efficiency" option here, which is much more space-saving than "Most Compatible" mode.


Best wishes, the freeflowinfo team.

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